For Secure Use

Do not put other liquid except tap water at room temperature, bottled water and purified water into the tumbler.
Also, do not put into hot water over 40℃ into the tumbler.
* It may cause damage to the product.
Please be sure to use the product only with the USB cable provided.
* It may cause damage to the product.
While you clean the machine, make sure to pull out the power plug and do not wipe with benzene, alcohol, thinner and other chemical washing product.
Do not touch USB cable with wet hands.

For the first use or re-using after a long period of storage, please fill in water in the tumbler and wait approximately for 30 minutes before use it.
* The generations of the hydrogen water will be delayed in case the electrode is dry.
Do not touch the electrode with sharp tools.
* If the electrode is damaged by the sharp tool, it may cause leakage or hydrogen water cannot be generated.
Do not disassemble the electrode.
* It may cause breakdown of the product.