For Safety Use

After purchasing the product, be sure to charge the battery before using it for the first time.
* If you use the product without first completing the charge after purchasing the product, the product performance will be affected or it will be failed.
If abnormalities such as noise, odor occurs during use, stop operating immediately and pull out the power plug. In this case, please contact official service center.
* If you find any above problems, please stop using because it may cause of electric shock or fire.
Please connect the USB cable to the charger.
You should only use the wireless charger and the USB cable which provided.
Do not use or keep the product in the place of high temperature such as near fire, direct sunlight and inside of car during hot weather.
* It may cause of electric shock or fire.
Do not disassemble, repair and reorganize. If needed, please contact official service center.
Keep the power line out of the reach of hot surface, sharp corner and sharp material.
It is possible for everyone to drink hydrogen water made by this product but please consult with doctor those who are on treatment for disease, maternity diagnosis of restricted water intake from doctors.