• Firstly read the user manual carefully before using the product.
  • Design and illustration used in this manual may differ from the actual product.
  • For the purpose of the improvement of product performance, the actual product might be partly different from the user manual which it may be modified without notice.
  • When you open the product, there might be a little bit water remains inside the jug. It is the proof that the product had been already inspected before released.
  • When hydrogen machine is worked first time, the bubble comes out a bit slightly, but after 10~20 mins, it gets in to the regular hydrogen bubble by then.
  • Do not use hydrogen machine continuously more than 3 times. It may cause the electrode overload capacity and damage to machine. Kindly recommend that take a resting time at least 10 minutes per hour use.
  • Use purified water or tap water only.
  • We kindly recommend that if the hydrogen water gets a strange smell after working, dissolve a spoonful of citric powder (3g) into 350ml of water, then run the self-cleaning operation for 5 mins.