What makes Hydrogen MINI so different from others

    The performance and the technology of a good hydrogen-water maker is determined not only on how much pure hydrogen it can generate and dissolve in water but also the harmfulness of the materials used like the electrode and membrane used in the maker to electrolyze the water. Basically, there are FOUR generations of hydrogen water technology in the market.
  • Principles of first generation electrolysis

    The structure of the first generation electrolysis used by other manufacturers is shown in the diagram. It is more suitable to be used as sterilizing water than drinking water since various sterilizing elements are generated in the water to be consumed.
  • Principles of second generation ion exchange method

    Second generation ion exchange method is shown in the diagram. Various harmful gas escapes to outside which may be reintroduced into body through respiration and cause other diseases.
  • Principles of third generation ion exchange method

    Through the ion exchange in drinking water and reactive water, only pure hydrogen remains while harmful gas is exhausted through the filter. It only supplies drinkable hydrogen water with no harmful gas.
  • Principle of fourth generation ion exchange method

    Hydrogen MINI applies this type of latest technology. This technique is much better than third generation because the ion exchange membrane that we use is 100 % harmless to the human body and does not use the reaction water like in the third generation.